Health Plans

Health Plans

OTC Health Solutions provides a diverse formulary which includes a large variety of quality brand and private label products. As OTC Health Solutions participants, members will have the benefit of ordering their over the counter products via four (4) easy methods and gain the added convenience of receiving their OTC benefits at home.

1. Phone
2. Fax
3. Mail
4. Online

Our commitment is to provide quality products, cost effectiveness and exceptional service. Packed in house at our fulfillment center, our products receive the quality level of care we demand. Our proprietary software program assists the health plans with a variety of tools and ensures member identity safety (HIPAA compliant).

The OTC Health Solutions team is composed of committed professionals with extensive experience servicing Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Plans. We also partner with Employee Benefit Groups and Physician Service Networks (PSN).

Program Overview

  • Over 13 years servicing Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Plans
  • Cost effective to Plans
  • Promotes member Wellness and as such is permitted by CMS to be included in the Medical Expense Ratio calculation
  • Helps reduce overall Health Care costs
  • Excellent member recruitment and retention tool
  • Convenient member access to benefits via online, fax, phone, mail
  • Company owned and operated – on site fulfillment center with fully stock inventory and a bilingual staff of Customer Service Representatives – no 3rd party providers
  • CMS compliant formulary that includes over 100 products
  • Convenient Nationwide Delivery

OTC Health Solutions Added Benefits:

  • Less Hospitals visits
  • Decrease duration of stay
  • Decrease severity of ailment
  • Formulary Flexibility
  • Patient/Member Education
    • Avoid Harmful effect of non/over compliance
    • Formulary Review
  • Attract new members
  • Retain existing members
  • Differentiate by offering & promoting OTC benefits
    • Disease state/Wellness magazine
    • Screening events
  • Improve member satisfaction
  • Adjustable benefit -yearly
  • Patient/Member education
    • Explain appropriate utilization
    • Disease state education